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Alaska Video footage shot for the USDA Forest Service by Bill Curtis

Most of this footage was shot in Beta-SP between 1993-2006 for three video projects: a helicopter safety video;  the Prince William Sound helicopter footage for a video project identifying areas that were impacted by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Kenai Helicopter footage was for a documentary on the the devastation caused by Spruce Bark Beetle. Most aerial footage was shot using a Tyler Helicopter Nose Mount (Photo below) Other helicopter footage was hand-held with the front helicopter door removed.



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Recent and Current Video Projects 

In 2010 Produced Ancient Traditions in a Modern World- The Ayta Abellen that explores the culture of an ancient people of the Tarlac Province in the Philippines. Produced for SIL and Wycliff this documentary is used as an educational tool to promote understanding and tolerance for the Negrito Tribal Peoples of the Philippines, who still live in remote mountain areas in a subsistence living culture. (see link below)

In 2012 produced  "Return to Attlebridge 2012" a 55- minute video documentary about a group of WWII Veterans and descendants of veterans returning to their airbase in England for Memorial Day. It features interviews with both veterans and local villagers who were there during the war. Also is a memorial to the 333 airmen who flew combat missions from Attlebridge and never came home. More information on 466th Bomb Group page. 

In May of 2012, I completed production of  : "Haskell Institute, 1884-1944- Cultural Survival in a Changing World", a 40-minute documentary about the early history of Indian Education in this Kansas boarding school.

Continuing WWII veteran interviews for the 8th Air Force Historical Society

Completed "Haskell USDA Garden Project" video in September, 2014 for Dept. of Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs

In post-production of 20-minute documentary: Haskell Institute - 1920's - A Collegiate Football Powerhouse 

Completed production of documentary: American Indians in WWII, 55 minutes, presented at the 8th Air Force Historical Society 2016 Reunion in St. Louis, Mo- October 2016.    

Completed post production on "The Golden Age of Haskell High School Athletics" a look at the tremendous athletic accomplishments of Haskell athletes in years between 1950- 1962    

Currently in production on a second Attlebridge historical documentary about  B-24 STATION 120- 466TH Bomb Group WWII in Norfolk- featuring a close-up look at historical remains of the airfield and artifacts, local landmarks that are important to 466th history, and more interviews with local residents who were children during WWII and lived near the base.  Location shooting completed in May 2017.




These are a variety of the projects I've produced and directed over a period of 20+ years. Since 1995 and even after my 2006 retirement from Haskell Indian Nations University, I've been working with co-producer, Mike Tosee  a Kiowa /Comanche Historian who also recently retired from Haskell and we are now in production on  several American Indian history video projects.

Mike is an alumnus of Oklahoma City University, where he played for the legendary basketball coach Abe Lemons. He was instrumental in compiling all of the historical materials and conducting player interviews for two sports videos we produced for the university.



Golden Age of Haskell High School Sports 1952-1962


50-minute documentary produced for Haskell Foundation


Trailer for


produced for the 466th Bomb Group Assn.



Trailer for

"In the Tradition of the Warrior

A History of Modern-day Comanche Veterans"

Produced for Comanche Nation of Oklahoma 



"Haskell Institute, 1884-1944- 

Cultural Survival in a Changing World",

a 40-minute documentary about the early history of Indian Education

and Haskell Institute that started as a Kansas boarding school for

American Indians and today serves as a 

University dedicated to American Indian Education.




American Indians in WWII

Produced for 8th Air Force Historical Society

58 minutes


"Ancient Traditions in a Modern World- The Ayta Abellen of the Philippines"

Produced for Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

23 minutes


Scenes from

An American Indian Tribute to Abe Lemons

Often referred to as the "Will Rogers" of College Basketball, Abe Lemons was an

 unforgettable figure in NCAA Basketball. His humor plus his exceptional skills 

as a coach led the (2000 student) Oklahoma City University basketball team to

11 NCAA Tournaments in 16 years.

produced for Oklahoma City University Athletics Department


Trailer for

The Great Eight- The story of the Oklahoma City University

Division One Basketball All-Americans 1950-1973

These were the eight exceptionally gifted All - American basketball players

who played for the great coach Abe Lemons in the 1960's

 produced for Oklahoma City University Athletics Department


 Alaska Bark Beetle

18 minutes- produced for EPA as part of

a university curriculum in Integrated Pest Management



Forest Service Rental Cabins in Alaska

13 minutes - produced for the USDA Forest Service

Post production was done with my Haskell video students




This is an updated version of a video produced for the USDA Forest Service in Alaska

Since most Forest Service field work is done in areas without roads, nearly 

all employees have to fly to their work sites by helicopter or float planes. 

By the 1990's, they were averaging 1 aviation fatality per year. 

A Safety program was initiated in 1996 using two videos

 as tools in a comprehensive training program. 

One video emphasized helicopter safety and the other video,

 general aviation safety.

 In 2006 the Alaska Region celebrated 10 years without an aviation fatality


The Art of John Collier- Truth & the Beautiful Lie

1988 production that is still being used by university art departments 

across the country featuring world class illustrator John Collier.

 Produced by John Collier, DougRobinson, and myself, 

with original music inspired by the paintings and performed by

 composer Karen Seals. The script was written by Doug Robinson.



Low Budget Industrial Video Productions

"Nussbaum Portable Truck Lifts"

"Richardson Jumpstarters"


Low Budget  US EPA Project

This project was shot and edited in a two-day period in 2001. The actors were all EPA

Inspectors and the script was improvised. The message was simple: 

What could a university or college expect during  

an unannounced EPA Inspection of their facility?

Copies of this video can be found in most major universities in the U.S.

"Virtual EPA Inspection of a College or University"

(47-minutes) 2001



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