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 Video footage shot for the USDA Forest Service in Alaska by Bill Curtis

Most of this footage was shot in Beta-SP between 1993-2006 for three video projects: a helicopter safety video;  the Prince William Sound helicopter footage for a video project identifying areas that were impacted by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Kenai Helicopter footage was for a documentary on the the devastation caused by Spruce Bark Beetle. Most aerial footage was shot using a Tyler Helicopter Nose Mount. Other helicopter footage was hand-held with the front helicopter door removed and a safety strap on the camera (not me). Helicopters from ERA in Anchorage and Temsco in Ketchikan & Juneau- All footage is in SD and edited in 16:9 format.


These videos were produced for the 466th Bomb Group Association
as an historical record of American air crews of WWII who served at 
Attlebridge Station 120 near Weston-Longville Norfolk, England
produced 2018

Single boxed copies can be purchased for $32 or DVD's without boxes are $20 each

Bill Curtis  

Personal Background

(probably more than you want to know)

Education: BFA, MFA in Theatre Arts-Utah State University

My professional background is largely in American Indian Education. I was a speech and drama teacher for 9 years at Intermountain Inter-Tribal High School, an Indian boarding school, in Brigham City, Utah. In 1980 I was given the opportunity to start a video production unit for the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Utah campus. When the school was closed in 1984, I was transferred to Haskell Indian Junior College (later university) to design and teach a college level instruction program in television production. We were able to fund the program funded by producing documentaries and training videos for Tribal and US Government Agencies, including the USDA Forest Service in Alaska. The money generated by the productions funded the instructional program for 21 years. I retired in 2006 and now do very limited free lance work and productions related to the 8th Air Force in WWII and the 466th Bomb Group based in England. 

B-24 art print work began as an experiment when a veteran at the annual 8th Air Force Reunion reunion, complained that most of posters and photos that were displayed featured the B-17. The veteran was a B-24 pilot but the B-24 seems to be overlooked.. The B-17's did get much better press coverage because of "Memphis Belle". The press missed the fact there were more B-24s flown in WWII out of England than B-17's. They flew higher, faster, and carried more weight that the B-17's.    

My B-24 prints are the result of my efforts to come up with something the B-24 veterans would appreciate. 

I have added 2 other personal areas to the site:

Hawkeye Trail Camps 

This is the summer camp my sister and I  went to that was located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I started at age 7 and went for five summers (2 months) . I put this on line in order to see if I could make contact with any other campers. I was from Ohio and most of the other campers were from Baltimore, MD and Short Hills, NJ. So far it has worked.

The Rogers of Oxford

This section is information on my mother's family that lived in Oxford, Ohio. She and her 7 siblings all attended and many graduated from Miami University. We all used to gather somewhere in Ohio for my grandmother's birthday each year as she got older and we didn't know if there would be another. I think the first was for her 95th Birthday. But it wasn't her last. She lived to be 108 years-old (1882-1990)


Video Productions 

on YouTube 

These are a variety of the projects I've produced and directed over a period of 30+ years. Since 1995 and even after my 2006 retirement from Haskell Indian Nations University, I've been working with co-producer, Mike Tosee  a Kiowa /Comanche Historian who also recently retired from Haskell. We've produced several documentaries American Indian Athletes, as early Historical look at the old Haskell Institute, and a 90-minute history  of Comanche Nation U.S. Military Veterans 

Mike is an alumnus of Oklahoma City University, where he played for the legendary basketball coach Abe Lemons. He was instrumental in compiling all of the historical materials and conducting player interviews for two sports videos we produced for OCU.



American Indians in WWII”

 produced for a seminar for the 

8th Air Force Historical Society Reunion . It examines the reasons

 for high enlistment numbers of American Indians in both WW I and WWII.

2. “Haskell Institute 1884-1944- Cultural Survival in a Changing World” 

An early history of Indian Education at Haskell Institute- a boarding school for

American Indian children- an attempt at assimilation

“The Golden Age of Haskell High School Sports- 1952-1962”  

They came from more than 100 different Tribes and 49 states, most for family 

economic reasons. Athletics was an outlet where they could excel and compete. 

US Olympic Gold Medalist, Billy Mills started his career on the Haskell Track.

4. “Ancient Traditions in a Modern World- 

The Ayta Abellen of the Philippines” 

The Ayta people are the original tribal people of the Philippines. 


Trailer for Return to Attlebridge


produced for the 466th Bomb Group Assn.



Trailer for "In the Tradition of the Warrior"

"In the Tradition of the Warrior

A History of Modern-day Comanche Veterans"

Produced for Comanche Nation of Oklahoma 

Scenes from An "American Indian Tribute to Abe Lemons"

An American Indian Tribute to Abe Lemons

Often referred to as the "Will Rogers" of College Basketball, Abe Lemons was an

 unforgettable figure in NCAA Basketball. His humor plus his exceptional skills 

as a coach led the (2000 student) Oklahoma City University basketball team to

11 NCAA Tournaments in 16 years.

produced for Oklahoma City University Athletics Department

Trailer for "The Great Eight"

The Great Eight- The story of the Oklahoma City University

Division One Basketball All-Americans 1950-1973

These were the eight exceptionally gifted All - American basketball players

who played for the great coach Abe Lemons in the 1960's

 produced for Oklahoma City University Athletics Department

The Art of John Collier- Truth & the Beautiful Lie

"The Art of John Collier- Truth & the Beautiful Lie"

1988 production that is still being used by university art departments 

across the country featuring world class illustrator/sculptor John Collier.

 Produced by John Collier, DougRobinson, and myself, 

with original music inspired by the paintings and performed by

 composer Karen Seals. The script was written by Doug Robinson.


"Virtual EPA Inspection of a College or University"

Low Budget  US EPA Project

This was the ultimate quick and dirty production.

It was shot and edited in a two-day period in 2001. The actors were all EPA

Inspectors and the script was improvised. The message was simple: 

What could a university or college expect during 

an unannounced EPA Inspection of their facility? The video is considered

to be a "Horror Film" of sorts.

It was undoubtedly the most widely distributed video I ever produced.

Copies of this video can be found in most major universities in the U.S.

"Virtual EPA Inspection of a College or University"



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