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What are B-24 prints doing on a Video Production Website? My interest in B-24's comes from my association with the 8th Air Force Historical Society reunions. My father-in-law, Bill Horney,  invited my wife and I to the 2000 reunion in Salt Lake City, and we were hooked. I try to videotape every annual reunion and offer DVD copies who those who might miss the event.

   One of the 466th Bomb Group members noticed some large prints of B-17's displayed at the reunion  and said said to me "I wish we had a large print of a B-24 from the 466th. That is when I decided to try to get us one.  My father-in-law,  Bill Horney was a navigator on the B-24 "Dirtie Gertie" with the 466th Bomb Group. (See Crew Photo Below)  From the black and white photo of t"Dirty Gertie's" nose art I created a color picture of the airplane in flight.. One "Girtie" groundcrew member, Jerre Williams advised on colors. Other planes on this site were also created from photos of nose art from the 466th Bomb Group, mainly from the great 466th Bomb Group pilots we've gotten to know through the reunions:  Richard Bayne's "Gallopin Ghost", Elmo Maiden's "This Above All",  Malcom Dike's "Snafu Snark" and Earl Wassom's  "Jamiaca?"and "Bottlebutt's Buggy".

B-24's flew strategic bombing missions out of England. Northern Africa, and Italy, and were used extensively in the South Pacific to support U.S. Marines, and U.S Army troops invading islands. Along with B-17's and the many fighter groups, they took the war to Germany, but at a very high cost in the air crew lives lost and aircraft destroyed

The men who flew in these bomber and fighter groups, and lived to come home will never claim their status as "heroes"; they leave that term only to those who did not survive the war. But it has been the survivors that have carried the horrible memories of war each day of their lives, and they've  all  lived with the question "why did I survive when so many didn't?" The survivors truly are and were heroes and their contributions to each of us who call ourselves  Americans, should never be minimized or forgotten.

Due to a %30 increase in print costs from my lab, I am forced to raise my prices

                      8x12      $30 (2 print minimum)

( Color Lab has a minimum order for this size)

                     11 x18   $ 45.00

                    16x 24  $  70.00

                    Shipping $10.00
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This is a 16x24 CANVAS Print completed for the son of a lead crew pilot with the 392nd Bomb Group.

 It Features three of the aircraft he and and his crew flew on Combat missions plus the  crew photos on

 these missions. The background is a modern photo of the Wendling Airfield today.  

These are high quality photographic prints and can be signed by the artist. Turn-around time is usually 5-7 days from order) 

466th Bomb Group Dougherty Crew #612 786th Bomb Squadron- flew 32 combat missions- Aircraft B-24 H  "Dirty Gertie" 

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