Bill Curtis B-24 Prints 3

The closest 2 aircraft above were from the 786th Bomber Squadron of the 466th Bomb group. Pale Ale went down due to mechanical problems over Belgium on Feb. 20, 1945- 3 KIA. Dirty Gertie survived the war without serious damage. The third airplane, Slick Chick (785th Squadron) had the distinction of flying over 100 missions without mechanical failure. This was credited to an outstanding ground crew. In a rare honor for ground crew personnel, Crew Chief, John Doscocz was awarded the Bronze Star for his work. After the war, Slick Chick returned to the U.S.  with much ceremony to Willow Run, Michigan where the airplane had been manufactured.

"Snafu Snark" was a favorite of the Malcom Dike Crew

 "GRAN SLAM" was named for its first pilot, 1st.Lt. Frederick M. Gran, 

466th Bomb Group -784th Sq. Crew #430 and 787th Sq Crew #728 



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Special Orders can be designed for specific B-24 Aircraft. All aircraft are researched for specific bomb group and squadron markings. Please call for pricing details. (785)766-3351 (Bill Curtis) 

A portion of the proceeds from print sales will be donated to 466th Bomb Group Association- or can be designated to another Bomb Group

"Chief Wapello"  B-24 H   SN# 42-52618 44th Bomb Group

This airplane served  in 487th BG, 839th BS, (3rd Air Division) in England as well as  the 44th BG (2nd Air Division) , it was first in 506th BS as GJ bar B (27 Aug thru 28 Sep 44). It then reappears in 66th BS as QK V+ (1 Jan thru 28 Jan 45). On return from a mission to Dortmund on 28 Jan 45, already badly damaged, the aircraft was shot down by fighters after the crew bailed out. It crashed in dense woods between the villages of Groesbeek and Berg-en-Dal, south east of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Laden Maid flew almost the entire war until April 2, 1945 when it was forced to crash land in Sweden due to Engine failure. For the Charles Lanham Crew this was their only mission as they were interred in Sweden for several days  before being repatriated.

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