Bill Curtis B-24 Prints 4

"Ready & Willing" was 466th Bomb Group Formation Ship #42-4109 was originally flown by the 93rd Bomb Group and participated in the ill fated Ploiesti Mission. When it was retired from combat missions it was sent to the 466th Bomb Group, where it was painted with red stripes, the guns were eliminated and it became a Formation Ship. In a 90-minute process all of the 466th airplanes going on a mission lined up behind the formation ship in a predetermined formation over the North Sea. When they were all lined up and were pointed in the direction of Europe, the formation ship would return to base. It was also used on miscellaneous occasions to ferry in new crews, visit other bases and hauled the Glenn Miller Orchestra to Attlebridge for their 100th mission party.

 B-24-H #42-50366 "Pale Ale" went down over Belgium on Feb. 20, 1945, when its control cables snapped causing the aircraft to go into a Spin. The Robert Gordon Crew #682 lost 3 including the pilot. 7 survived.

Mini-Craft Models is in the process of producing a B-24 Model Kit with "Baby Doll" Markings and may use this print for the box cover.

Special Orders can be processed for specific B-24 Aircraft. All aircraft are researched for specific bomb group and squadron markings. Please call for pricing details. (785)766-3351 (Bill Curtis) or e-mail at

389th Bomb Group Princess Konocti
"No-Feathered Injun?" 466th Bomb Group 

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