Bill Curtis B-24 Prints 4

 B-24-H #42-50366 "Pale Ale" went down over Belgium on Feb. 20, 1945, when its control cables snapped causing the aircraft to go into a Spin. The Robert Gordon Crew #682 lost 3 including the pilot. 7 survived.

Mini-Craft Models is in the process of producing a B-24 Model Kit with "Baby Doll" Markings and may use this print for the box cover.

Due to a %30 increase in print costs from my lab, I am forced to raise my prices

                             NEW PRINT RATES

                      8x12      $30 (2 print minimum)

                     12 x18   $ 45.00

                    16x 24  $  70.00

                    Shipping $10.00
                                                          Order via e-mail:
If ordering an 12x18 or 16x24, you can also order a single 8x12 for $30  

Special Orders can be processed for specific B-24 Aircraft. All aircraft are researched for specific bomb group and squadron markings. I usually don't charge for this service. (785)766-3351 (Bill Curtis) or e-mail at

This print of B-24 "OLD GLORY" was done for my good friend, Bob Books. Bob 

never got to meet his father who was lost on  a combat mission to

 Friedrichshaven, Germany on March 18, 1944

389th Bomb Group Princess Konocti
"No-Feathered Injun?" 466th Bomb Group 

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