B-24 Images 5

"This Above All", "Dirty Gertie", "The Falcon" over ca. 2000 Attlebridge Field
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Each Bomb Group had its own markings on the tail and most had a bomb Squadron Code right behind the gunners window. The aircraft serial number always started with the number of the year the airplane was manufactured. If the S/N started with 41, the plane was manufactured in 1941. Some aircraft were painted camouflage green and others were not painted at all except for tail markings to identify the bomb group and squadron. Tail markings changed in late April, 1944. The following images are B-24 Liberators from the 466th Bomb Group are "Pegasus","Laden Maid", "Off Limits Again","Paper Doll", and "Consolidated Mess".

Laden Maid flew almost the entire war until April 2, 1945 when it was forced to crash land in Sweden due to Engine failure. For the Charles Lanham Crew this was their only mission as they were interred in Sweden for several days  before being repatriated.
B-24 H # 4294974 "Off Limits Again" was lost over the North Sea on October 12, 1944 
with the Quinton Bailey Crew who were on their second combat mission.

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