Bill Curtis Photography 12

In May, 2012 we went to East Anglia (UK) to visit the old airfield my father-in-law flew out of during WWII. We went with three veterans of his bomb group and 9 children and grandchildren of veterans and stayed for a week. Our host was Sir John White,BT  ,who put us up in his Salle manor house about 8 miles from the old base. We were amazed at all the large cathedral-like churches that stand alone in large farm fields all over Norfolk. The Church at Salle dates from the first part of the 12th Century, and was built with funds from the Boleyn family. They are buried in the church yard and it is rumored that after her beheading, Anne's friends stole her head and body and buried them secretly here in an unmarked grave. The church  is a beautiful structure with perfect acoustics.

The many churches standing out in the countryside, is due to the PLAGUE, which lasted for 200 years in England wiping out entire villages where these churches were located. The churches are still in use, for the most part. The Salle Church is also used for concerts. 

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