Bill Curtis Photography

Photography has been my hobby since the mid 1960's. H. Reuben Reynolds, a wonderful photographer, and art professor at Utah State University became a personal friend and was my mentor in my early photography as I began shooting 4x5 color transparency film. I was actually a student in Theatre at USU and H. Reuben was a professor emeritus but he always photographed our theatre productions using a 4x5 graphic camera with 1- second exposures. I was interested in his process and he and his wife invited me to their home where I even learned the old Eastman 5- chemical color printing process in his home darkroom. His ideas about composition influenced my later video photography also. These are some of the images that I've shot over the years.  Unfortunately when I was working full-time in video and traveling frequently to southeast Alaska, I never had much time to do many still photographs. Since the emergence of digital photography, there's no worry about buying and processing film. There also is a tendency to be less selective in shooting. When shooting 4x5 film with each sheet of film costing $2.00 and processing of each sheet $5.00, you have to be very selective and in no hurry. The Logan River shot below was a 4x5 transparency taken in the 1970's. The others, more recent are both digital and scanned 35mm film. The only manipulation done to the digital photographs is adding contrast since the digital images tend to be flat. 


2 Philippines     3Alaska  4- (B&W and Infrared Images)

PHOTO 5- (B&W and Infrared Images)       6 England-East Anglia

PHOTO  7     PHOTO 8    PHOTO 9 (U-P Michigan)

PHOTO 10 - (Leelanau Penninsula,Michigan)    PHOTO 11  (Leelanau Cont.)

PHOTO 12  (East Anglia, UK)

Fishing Boats Wrangel Harbor, Alaska 

Prints are high quality digital prints and each is signed. Prints that probably shouldn't be enlarged past 8x12 are marked. The rest of the images hold up well at 16x24 and probably can be enlarged bigger than that though I haven't tried it. I don't have any space large enough to hang a print over 16x24. I really like the 12x18 size. It doesn't take over the wall and the image looks great.

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