Bill Curtis Photography 3

Many of the prints on this page were originally shot on 35mm color film. The negatives were digitally scanned for prints. They hold up well as 5x7 and 8x12 prints.  Enlarging them more that that is not recommended. The eagle photo was made on my last video trip to Alaska in November, 2006 and was taken next to the Mendenhall Visitor center. There were two eagles hanging out there all day watching some Forest Service workers cutting down brush around the visitors center. The eagles hung around all day watching the workers. The picture of Billy's Hole was taken on a four-day boat trip around Prince William Sound in July, 1993. The Eshamy Lake shot was taken while videotaping a survey crew near Prince William Sound. We flew by floatplane to Eshamy bay and hiked up the short stream to the lake. The Aerial shot of Harriman Fiord was taken from a helicopter in 1994. Harriman Fiord was discovered by Averil Harriman Sr. and at that time was almost totally filled with ice. As they wound their way around the ice face they came around a corner and discovered Surprise Glacier.  The familiar shot of Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau is taken from a river overlook where all the tour busses stop for photos. Interesting how the trees are so well trimmed to keep the glacier in view. The banner image of Skeelack Glacier was shot in on 35mm film from the hill side across from the campground at Russian River on the Kenai. 

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